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We support organisations to develop a profound understanding of performance and to test and implement operating models that put their customers at the front and centre of their work.

We achieve this through a team of expert coaches and a practical method for service innovation using data insights and evidence.

We don’t do it to them, or for them, we do it with them - by working alongside business leaders and staff, transferring know how.

Systems Thinking delivers fast, effective, tangible and sustainable results in complex service and supply chain organisations.

Our approach draws on a range of methods and influences, including the work of John Seddon, W. Edwards Deming, Chris Argyris and Gerard Egan.

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Working Together
About: About

Strategy and Transformation Improvement Consultant

Gerard Egerton

Gerard specialises in performance improvement in complex service environments. His experience extends from strategic advice and industry analysis, through to detailed operations redesign, and includes work in telecommunications, energy, financial services and insurance, plus a wide range of public sector engagements. Gerard focuses on adding value by bringing new perspectives to client work, and creating tangible results that sustain.


Strategy and Transformation Improvement Consultant.

Richard Blair

Richard is an experienced advisor and manager covering strategy, transformation and change with a focus on business performance improvement. With general management, programme experience, line management, digital transformation and as a member of senior leadership, he has proven experience and a real desire for outcomes that create value for organisations and their customers.

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